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  About Us

ANOD PLASMA SPRAY LIMITED (APSL) is a Public Limited company involved in:

  • Refurbishment of Hot Path Components of Heavy Industrial Gas Turbines
  • Refurbishment of Under Water Components of Hydro-Electric Turbines
  • Refurbishment of Thermal Power Components of Steam Turbines
  • Refurbishment of Components of Textile and Paper Industries
  • Rotogravure Cylinder Manufacturing for Printing Industries
  • Aluminium Collapsible Tube Manufacturing for Pharmaceutical Industries

Brief History:
APSL was founded as a private company in 1988 to cater the requirements of abrasion resistant coating for textile, petrochemical, and engineering industries.  Subsequently, it was transformed into a Public Limited Company.

APSL is ISO 9001:2008 certifiedin conjunction with certificate of appreciation from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Japan, and various job completion certificates from its satisfied customers.

APSL has dedicated plant, machinery, Quality Assurance (QA) equipment, and experienced manpower for its core activities of refurbishment and coating of Gas Turbine (GT) Hot Path Components. With our expertise and experience in service innovation and repair development, we aim to bring significant cost savings and life cycle improvements to our customers.
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